IMG_1772Merry Christmas and welcome to day 4 of Blogmas!

(As this is a scheduled post, I’ve planned this one beforehand)

As tradition goes in my family, every year brings a festive-style jumper to be worn on Christmas Day, and with that brings a makeup look that has to go with it (be that the beauty obsessive within). As I usually pick mine out beforehand, I know that mine is a Primark number this year; a fluffy one with a minty green colour and metallic gold spots. Pretty cute actually, and not so much on the novelty side as far as Christmas jumpers go.

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After the huge launch of their Instablur foundation primer earlier this year, The Body Shop have recently introduced a version specifically for the eyes. I’ve been on the hunt for a new eyeshadow primer for the past couple of months, as my budget-friendly MUA primer hasn’t prevented creasing during the summer.

I stumbled across the advert for The Body Shop’s All in One Instablur Eye in one of their discount emails, and knowing that the original Instablur was one of their bestsellers I thought I may as well give it a try.

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Since I posted My Winter Daily Skincare Routine back in January, several products have been tossed aside for more luxurious, indulgent additions.

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Summer is the season that most of us get excited about; hello sunny hot weather! (Well as much as you can expect in the UK.) Therefore a warmer climate calls for a switch up of beauty products. Gone are the heavy face moisturisers, dark lip colours & endless pairs of tights; but instead? A few essentials that get me through the summer season.

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I’ve been hitting the bottle for about 8 years now. Fake tanning is like an evening ritual for me; it’s a lengthy procedure, but I couldn’t live without it. But why don’t I just embrace my natural skin? Because quite frankly, I’m naturally as white as a sheet. No, I don’t suit it, and I’m not comfortable with being so pale I look transparent; which leads me to the other common question; why don’t I just use the sunbeds? Because my pasty skin is scared of sunlight; I’m so fair I could brave the UV lights for just 6 minutes and I’ll come out looking like a tomato. (And no, it doesn’t develop into a tan.) Not only that, as well as the obvious skin cancer risk I will do anything to keep my skin looking youthful, and I don’t want to end up looking like a leather handbag when I’m 30.

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