Vera Wang Lovestruck

Shortly after this fragrance came out around a year ago, I bought myself a 30ml bottle to see what I thought of it, having liked it on first impressions in the shop. When I ran out, I had to ask for some more for Christmas, and this time I was lucky enough to get 100ml!

Why do I love this perfume so much?

  • The bottle is beautiful. Its gothic, aubergine¬†oversized flowers wrapped with chiffon & netting just on the lid gives an edgy addition to Vera Wang’s collection.
  • It therefore looks amazing on my shelf.
  • It’s a perfect evening scent; as a lover of sweet, fruity fragrances in the day, and a muskier, floral scent at night it ticks the right boxes –
  • Pink guava and mandarin cover the top notes; I usually find these are the first to fade.
  • A floral mix of tuberose and lotus blossom are in the middle notes, which I find lasts a couple of hours.
  • At the base there are precious woods and a sheer musk; this is the scent that will last all night on your skin.
  • The sweetness of the fruit can be overpowering at first, but giving it a few minutes or so to settle on your skin helps you smell how lovely this perfume is.
  • The fact that it’s Eau de Parfum really helps it last at least 3-4 hours before needing to spray it again.

The campaign topped this fragrance off for me – a modern twist on Romeo & Juliet, and beautiful Leighton Meester who I love!

I’ve always liked Vera Wang’s fragrances; the ‘Princesses’ are young, sweet and girly, which is what I look for in a perfume. ¬†The only downside; I wish they were more long-lasting. It’s really off-putting having to re apply all of the time, as you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. Sort it out Vera!