P1090907Welcome to day 6 of my Blogmas posts!

So here comes the one you either love or hate to see; the ‘I’m not bragging about what I got’ post. Before I end up ranting, that’s all I’m saying on that note.

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P1090860Apologies for the delay of this post, but welcome to Day 5 of this week’s Blogmas!

As of late I’ve been making a weekend trip to Sheffield each month to see a couple of my friends and revisit my uni days. As I’m heading there next week I thought it would be the perfect chance to share what makeup and skincare I take with me, and how I pack. As a heads up, I’m fairly obsessive when it comes to organisation… if you’re the same, then hopefully you’ll enjoy this post! And if you’re the opposite, I’m not a loser… honest.

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I’ve added a few new skincare products to my routine lately, some of which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. My skincare collection is slowly improving, and becoming a regime I’m somewhat starting to enjoy doing. Is that a little sad?

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This is my first post of this year… So happy 2014!

If you’re lucky enough to wake up every day with amazing skin I am very envious of you. However in my case, I have to chuck a load of products on my skin in order for it to be nice to me.

My skincare has been shaken up recently since the weather’s been changing; the colder months have been giving my skin an extra need of a pamper. I’ve always had combination skin; an oily t-zone and a couple of dry patches around my nose, so I’m regularly trying to combat both without aggravating one or the other. In the summer, my skin gets more oily. However at this time of year I’m in need of products that are more moisturising.

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