When I first heard the concept of Bioderma, I thought, what? How is that possible? It can remove makeup with no harsh chemicals? I became rather curious. I put my old fashioned cleansers to one side, and delved into the world of micellar solutions.

I am still yet to try Bioderma. I’ve given L’Oreal’s version a try, and while I do find it great for removing makeup, it does leave my skin feeling a little greasy, and it disperses¬†WAY¬†too much product to the point where you’ve wasted half the bottle.

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This is my first post of this year… So happy 2014!

If you’re lucky enough to wake up every day with amazing skin I am very envious of you. However in my case, I have to chuck a load of products on my skin in order for it to be nice to me.

My skincare has been shaken up recently since the weather’s been changing; the colder months have been giving my skin an extra need of a pamper. I’ve always had combination skin; an oily t-zone and a couple of dry patches around my nose, so I’m regularly trying to combat both without aggravating one or the other. In the summer, my skin gets more oily. However at this time of year I’m in need of products that are more moisturising.

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IMGP2592IMGP2593I know I’ve been very bad at posting this year. I haven’t blogged since January! However, I am back and here for the near future (and I mean it this time). So lets get into it.

I’ve discovered a lot of new products this summer, some of them I wish I knew about before now as I have loved them that much. September was my last month to enjoy wearing bright colours, keep up with the tan and look after my legs whilst having to whip them out all of the time!

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