IMG_1829I’ve never been a fan of the whole New Year’s Eve thing; to me it’s a whole lot of fuss over one big anti-climax. But, it wouldn’t be tradition without bringing the new year in with a few celebratory drinks, so the preparation starts now.

If you do things the way I do, hopefully you’ll enjoy this post!

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P1090860Apologies for the delay of this post, but welcome to Day 5 of this week’s Blogmas!

As of late I’ve been making a weekend trip to Sheffield each month to see a couple of my friends and revisit my uni days. As I’m heading there next week I thought it would be the perfect chance to share what makeup and skincare I take with me, and how I pack. As a heads up, I’m fairly obsessive when it comes to organisation… if you’re the same, then hopefully you’ll enjoy this post! And if you’re the opposite, I’m not a loser… honest.

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I know this may be a rather late August Favourites, but I thought one would be better than none at all! I haven’t written a monthly favourites post for nearly a year and I find them the best way to ease myself back into blogging after a break.

I’m bizarrely following a pattern with my monthly favourites, as this one mentions a lipstick, hair product, tanning product and a perfume… just like my 2013 September FavouritesHowever this time, I’ve thrown in a nail varnish for good measure.

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Ever since I abandoned face wipes and turned to micellar waters I realised removing my eye makeup was a toughie. My Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is fab, however when I’m wearing stubbon eyeliner or waterproof mascara I’m in need of something that’s got the power to shift it.

I’ve been testing out two of Garnier’s eye makeup removers for a few months now; Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh & Garnier Skin Naturals Express 2 in 1. Read below to find out which one got the thumbs up & the thumbs down from me.

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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been visiting Boots a little bit too often, & as soon as my student loan came in I had developed a long list of what I ‘needed‘. As I have a part time job I don’t feel too guilty about my splurges, knowing that the pennies will be replaced. Here’s what I bought…

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