P1060443Autumn has always been my favourite season when it comes to fashion, as I love layering up and getting more creative with my outfits. Faux fur and cosy knits; what’s not to love? I’ve updated my wardrobe with a few new¬†transitional pieces.

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P1090850In celebration of the nearing festivities, I’m blogging every day this week! It’s going to be tough but I’m feeling some Christmassy motivation.

My blog has been a little bit stop/start recently, and I’m long overdue a fashion post. Therefore I thought it was about time I shared my favourite accessories to wear during the colder months; and I managed to (although with great difficulty) whittle it down to just five! Go me. Here’s what I picked.

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I stumbled upon That Grace Girl a few months ago after browsing the #bbloggers feed on Twitter, and found myself still perusing her posts an hour later. After that, I was hooked on a daily basis. Not only do I enjoy her beauty reviews and fashion updates, I particularly love reading her lifestyle posts. Finding out what she’s getting up to (er, stalker alert!) is one of my guilty obsessions (along with most bloggers that I follow), and Grace, 21, has a familiar life to mine. In her final year at university, she blogs alongside her degree.

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If you didn’t know, I like reading blogs as much as I like writing my own, as it’s where I get my inspiration from. Here are just a few of my favourite blogs that I love for a bit of bedtime reading (in no particular order).


hello october1. Hello October

“Hello October started out as a productive outlet for the copious amounts of shopping I got involved in after getting my first full time job. I’m happy to say that after almost three years, although the jobs have changed, not much else has…”

I came across Suzie’s blog just over a year ago and she’s kept me reading ever since. I love her neutral makeup looks and her skin always looks perfect, so I pay good attention to what she likes to use. She has also been featured in a magazine I pick up every month; the ‘blogger’ influenced Company, which makes me like her just that little bit more.


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