When I bought this waving iron nearly a year ago, and spending only £30 on it, I didn’t really expect much of it. My first ever pair of straighteners were Babyliss, and in my opinion, they were rubbish. However, I’d looked into buying a curling iron, researching on the internet to find one that would create natural waves rather than tight curls. I found that this waving iron had rave reviews, so I thought for only £30, I may aswell try it.

Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with it. I don’t use it every day, as I usually turn to my GHD’s when I just want laid back waves. But when I want to make an effort, or I fancy a change from my every day hair, I’ll use the Babyliss Waving Wand.

It creates really pretty, natural waves. I only have to hold the iron in my hair for a few seconds, and I’ll get the look I want.

How do I use it?

  • Brush through your hair so it’s soft and there are no knots.
  • Divide your hair into one or two inch sections and place the iron pointing down, facing away from your face.
  • Wrap your hair around the iron, starting from 3/4 of the way down.
  • Hold the iron in your hair from 1-3 seconds, depending on how tight you would like the waves.
  • Do this all the way around your hair.
  • When you’ve finished, brush through your hair lightly to thicken the waves and spray with hairspray.

The wand comes with a glove to protect your fingers from the heat, as I set mine to the full 200 degrees, however I don’t tend to use it even though I should! I like how the waves look a day after, with some of Batiste’s Dry Shampoo. They look less ‘just done’ and more natural.

This iron is definitely worth the £30 I spent, and I wouldn’t use anything else apart from my GHD’s!

Eyes Topshop – £5, Lip Stick Topshop – £7, Lips Topshop – £8, Nails Topshop – £5

After Topshop’s first makeup collection was launched this time 2 years ago, I thought I’d look back at the products I’ve bought and which ones have stayed with me.

I have a few nail varnishes of theirs, (considering I find they make that stand so eye catching it’s impossible for me to get myself away) and my all time favourite so far is Nails in Waterlily. I bought mine on the website, however it’s not currently on there; probably because it’s sold out! I’m wearing it at the moment, as it’s a beautiful spring shade. It’s a very pale colour; a white- lilac that’s perfect for this season’s pastel trend.

One of my favourite lipsticks out of my collection is Topshop’s Lips in Brighton Rock. I’ve had this for over a year now at least, and it’s still available to buy online. It’s a satin matte finish, which gives a creamy application and isn’t drying. Brighton Rock is a hot pink; it’s not too bright, and gives a deep, rich colour. I love this lipstick and everything about it!

My second favourite lipstick of Topshop’s is Lip Stick in Coy. It’s a pencil, which is annoying as I’ve used it to the point of it being blunt and I need to buy a crayon sharpener! But apart from that, I love this lipstick. It’s not as moisturising as Brighton Rock, but still gives a creamy, matte finish and is a light coral shade. I’ve only had this for about a month, but I want to carry on using it because it’s such a nice colour.

My final favourite Topshop Makeup product is a cream eye shadow. Eyes in Darkness is a black, metallic eyeshadow with a thick, cream consistency. It’s easy to blend, and is perfect for making your eyes look more dramatic. This was my first purchase of Topshop’s makeup, and I’m not sure if they do this colour anymore. If they don’t, it’s a shame because it’s such a good eyeshadow and I know I’ll want to repurchase when I run out.

I’m still buying Topshop makeup so I’ll definitely end up with more favourites; I think as a whole the quality of their collections are spot on.

Courtesy of cosmopolitan.co.uk

Courtesy of beautyriot.com

*Before you read, please bare in mind I recorded this tutorial over a month ago so my hair is no longer ombred!*

I’ve seen this hairstyle so much recently and really wanted to figure out how to do it. I think it’s so cute and a different way of putting your hair up, in comparison to the usual ponytail or bun.

I’ve tried this out several times, each time looking a lot different to the last, but I’m always happy with the result. My version is the alternative of how you can create a bow updo, and is a lot messier than the other pictures I’ve shown, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is how I like to wear it.

If you enjoy this tutorial please let me know, especially if you’ve tried it too. 🙂

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in 200 Soft Beige – £8.99

After using Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation for 8 months or so and being happy with it, then seeing new Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up Foundation advertised everywhere, I wasn’t sure whether to try it out. I gave in a few weeks ago and bought it from Boots. I paid around £8.99 for it, where my usual Revlon foundation is around £12, so I liked the fact that it was cheaper.

I’m always usually very wary when it comes to trying out new foundations, as I’m petrified of my skin attacking it and breaking out really badly. Well, it happened with this one. My forehead and chin flared up, and I had quite bad skin for the first couple of weeks. However, now my skin is used to it, I’m not having any problems. I get the occasional spot, but that’s usually the case anyway.

As for the foundation itself, as you apply it to your face it feels fresh and tingly, and does actually feel like it’s waking your skin up. It leaves a dewy, iridescent finish to your skin, so if you like a matte finish to your face this is not the foundation for you. It isn’t a thick consistency, and after using heavy foundations such as Revlon and MAC I was definitely not used to this kind of look, but I quite like the idea of it for the warmer months as it looks more natural and glowy.

The picture above is with my general every day makeup. I bought mine in Soft Beige, which is the same colour Kate Moss wears in the advert.  It’s a pinkier tone than I’m comfortable with, as I prefer my foundation to be yellow to cancel out any redness on my skin. However it matches my skin colour well overall, and I’m still using it now so I’m definitely liking it.

Boots are currently doing an offer, where you get a free Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara if you spend £10 or more on any Rimmel makeup. Here’s the link to the foundation –


Sleek Eau La La Liner in Blue Moon 323, Sleek Glitter Eyeliner in Caribbean 272 & Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in Hearts Black on Gold

If you read my last post, I explained that I recently celebrated my 21st Birthday, and I thought it would be nice to show what beauty related presents I received that I could put in this blog. I was so chuffed with everything I got, and was so excited to try it all out! I haven’t managed to use everything yet, so I’m not able to give a review, but I know I will end up with some favourites that I will definitely be blogging about soon!

I was given Sleek Eau La La Liner in Blue Moon 323, a gorgeous, creamy blue pencil eyeliner with a soft felt tip applicator. I’ve never tried blue eyeliner, but I know that it’s supposed to look amazing with blue eyes which I have, and can make your eye colour really pop. I’m going to try it with Sleek Glitter Eyeliner in Caribbean 272 on my eyelids, a really pretty, sparkly blue liquid eyeliner. This was another gift I recieved, and I think they would go really well together with a shimmery gold eyeshadow.  I can’t wait  to try the look out.

I also received Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in Hearts Black on Gold. If you read my post on my review of Nail Wraps, you will know I love these! I am desperate to put them on, but I know as soon as I use them I won’t be able to again, (obviously unless I buy a new set myself) so I’m saving them for an extra special occasion. They are so cute, I love the hearts and I know they will look lovely on.

The makeup I have been lusting for for a while now are the Sleek Makeup Palettes. I was so happy to receive two of them! I got the  Original 594 and the Au Naturel 601. The Au Naturel Palette is perfect for every day looks, especially the lighter brown, beige and cream shades, but it also comes with some shimmery darker shades which are great for night out looks as well and giving definition to your eyes. I’ve started to use Moss and Bark in the day, and Nougat for a highlighting colour.

The Original Palette is perfect for trying out more colourful and daring looks, with some highly pigmented shades these are amazing quality eyeshadows. I know will want to try out looks with all of the colours, as they will blend well together and look really pretty. I’ve so far used the black and the bronzier shades and I’m really impressed.

I had an amazing birthday, I mainly received some beautiful jewellery, as well as what I’ve shown, and I’m really grateful for everything I got!

Thanks for reading. xo