Birthday Beauty Haul

Sleek Eau La La Liner in Blue Moon 323, Sleek Glitter Eyeliner in Caribbean 272 & Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in Hearts Black on Gold

If you read my last post, I explained that I recently celebrated my 21st Birthday, and I thought it would be nice to show what beauty related presents I received that I could put in this blog. I was so chuffed with everything I got, and was so excited to try it all out! I haven’t managed to use everything yet, so I’m not able to give a review, but I know I will end up with some favourites that I will definitely be blogging about soon!

I was given Sleek Eau La La Liner in Blue Moon 323, a gorgeous, creamy blue pencil eyeliner with a soft felt tip applicator. I’ve never tried blue eyeliner, but I know that it’s supposed to look amazing with blue eyes which I have, and can make your eye colour really pop. I’m going to try it with Sleek Glitter Eyeliner in Caribbean 272 on my eyelids, a really pretty, sparkly blue liquid eyeliner. This was another gift I recieved, and I think they would go really well together with a shimmery gold eyeshadow.  I can’t wait  to try the look out.

I also received Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in Hearts Black on Gold. If you read my post on my review of Nail Wraps, you will know I love these! I am desperate to put them on, but I know as soon as I use them I won’t be able to again, (obviously unless I buy a new set myself) so I’m saving them for an extra special occasion. They are so cute, I love the hearts and I know they will look lovely on.

The makeup I have been lusting for for a while now are the Sleek Makeup Palettes. I was so happy to receive two of them! I got the  Original 594 and the Au Naturel 601. The Au Naturel Palette is perfect for every day looks, especially the lighter brown, beige and cream shades, but it also comes with some shimmery darker shades which are great for night out looks as well and giving definition to your eyes. I’ve started to use Moss and Bark in the day, and Nougat for a highlighting colour.

The Original Palette is perfect for trying out more colourful and daring looks, with some highly pigmented shades these are amazing quality eyeshadows. I know will want to try out looks with all of the colours, as they will blend well together and look really pretty. I’ve so far used the black and the bronzier shades and I’m really impressed.

I had an amazing birthday, I mainly received some beautiful jewellery, as well as what I’ve shown, and I’m really grateful for everything I got!

Thanks for reading. xo

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