Seeing as though I enjoyed writing up this post so much last year, I had to come back with a 2017 edition of my picks of the Beauty Advent Calendars on offer this Christmas. When I say Christmas and I’m typing this in November, it may seem a little bit premature. But shockingly, the majority of the best calendars out there are already sold out. So I’m making sure this post isn’t a waste of a read by including the ones that you can still get your hands on.

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If you read my GHD Hair Dryer review last year (feel free to have a refresher) then you’ll know my hair history; I’ve been growing it since I had the ‘lob’ a couple of years ago and I’m currently fairly happy with the length. For me, that’s a big thing; hair extensions were my comfort blanket for 11 years, and now I actually prefer not to wear them.

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