How I Achieve a Good Hair Day

If you read my GHD Hair Dryer review last year (feel free to have a refresher) then you’ll know my hair history; I’ve been growing it since I had the ‘lob’ a couple of years ago and I’m currently fairly happy with the length. For me, that’s a big thing; hair extensions were my comfort blanket for 11 years, and now I actually prefer not to wear them.

What I still struggle with is density. My hair loss means achieving thick, full and voluminous hair is not so easy. Therefore, extensions are always a great temporary fix.

So now I’m choosing to brave it alone, these are the steps I take to make the best of what I’ve got going on.


I absolutely love using my Kérastase Resistance duo twice a week. What I find so strange yet makes so much sense is using the Soin Premier Thérapiste Fiber Quality Renewal Care conditioner  first, so that it protects your hair during washing, and doesn’t remove any natural volume. I then use the Bain Thérapiste Balm-in-Shampooand what I adore about this is the balm consistency, so you use less product and it still lathers up a treat, feeling ever so luxurious between your fingers. I find this range a super important step in achieving great locks, as it’s specially designed for fine, over-processed, damaged hair.

Styling Part 1

My next step after a quick towel dry is a brush through with my Tangle Teezer and to run a pea-sized dollop of Tigi S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer through the ends to tame any fly-aways. I then spray Umberto Giannini Glam Primer Pre-Styling Spray all over to further de-frizz and protect against heat styling.

Styling Part 2

Now where we create volume; drying. I can safely say, for work most days I will just blast my hair with the GHD Air Hair Dryer until it’s dry, and then give it a straighten. But when I can really be bothered, I’ll dry with a round brush to lift the hair from the roots and curl under. I’ll then add a ‘natural but not’ wave with the GHD Straighteners to finish it off. To complete, I’ll use my fave scented Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray.

And this is the finished look! How do you achieve your Good Hair Day?

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