Two Thousand and Seventeen

As much as I’m no fan of new year’s resolutions and the whole “new year new me” sort of attitude, I must admit it’s a good tool to give myself the kick up the bum I’m in need of.

Last year I set myself the goal of moving out and getting a new job, of which I achieved, and it was a pretty big step in my life. For me, the thought of leaving my parents behind forever and moving in with a guy was scary enough, but to move to a place where I only knew about a handful of people was that little bit scarier.

Six months later, I’m all settled in and couldn’t be happier, as much as I like travelling back to my parents as often as I do! I must admit, it’s Peaches (below) who I miss the most, and I would do anything to have a dog of my own!

Since I’ve moved, there are a few things that have fallen down the wayside. That being said, it’s lead me to a few resolutions I’ve set myself for the future.

  1. My blog has seriously been neglected. The thought hasn’t even crossed my mind to post in the past two months, and that is shameful. Christmas got the better of me, and now that it’s out of the way I’m making sure I dedicate myself to at least one post a week.
  2. Finish all of the books I seem to have started, but still have no idea what happens at the end. Seriously; the list of films that I’ve refused to watch until I’ve read the novel is just getting longer and longer. The childhood bookworm in me will now not put a book down and move onto another until it’s finished. Promise.
  3. Join a yoga class. I haven’t exercised once in the past six months, and that is disgraceful. You won’t see me joining a gym, but it’s still pretty much imperative that I look after my body.
  4. Generally be more organised. I used to be OBSESSED with planning, making lists and having my own daily itinerary, then once I’d moved, it all fell apart. I’ve felt like my life’s not been together since then, therefore I need to get back on track! My new 2017 diary is currently stuck to me, and I feel better for it already.

So keep an eye out for my weekly posts! What are your resolutions for 2017?


  1. 8 January, 2017 / 2:07 pm

    I’ve literally just spent about 15 minutes reading your posts! Your photos, content and blog in general are amazing! Your 2017 goals are so simild too mine, I hope you achieve them!! Xx

    • Sarah
      8 January, 2017 / 2:16 pm

      What a lovely comment, that means so much! Thank you for reading, I’ll be sure to have a peruse of yours xxx

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