My Recent Empties

img_3209So I think this is the first time I’ve written an empties post…Mainly because I’d never quite understood the idea behind them until now! I was recently mulling over some blog post ideas when I realised I’d accumulated a few products that I planned to review but ended up using up. So what better than to combine the two? Have a look at my recent empties below…

First up; the mascara I subtly raved about a couple of years ago while I was on the look out for a cheaper option; first mentioned in my review of the Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara. Yes, it’s Benefit’s They’re Real! A wand that is on the pricier side of mascaras, but one that I treated myself to during my trip to Prague in December, after returning to the mini version time and time again. This beauty of a product does pretty much everything you would want in a mascara, minus the (we all wish) fullness of a pair of false eyelashes. It curls, it lengthens, it volumizes. It’s just a bit of a bugger to get off! Benefit brought out a remover to combat this, but I prefer my mini YSL Top Secrets Eye Makeup Remover. Which, funnily enough, brings me onto my next empty!

I absolutely love this little bottle. This post may be starting to feel a little bit luxury but it’s ok, I only own the 30ml mini, so not quite the £25 price tag! I actually came across this after getting the Babydoll set and it soon became a travel favourite. Just a couple of drops are needed to gently remove the makeup from my eyes, with no off-putting fragrance or greasy residue. I would happily purchase the 100ml bottle, I just need to be brave enough because I adore this fancy eye makeup remover and I wouldn’t like to be without it.

Finally, a perfume that reminds me of a beach in a bottle. I’m one of those people who walks past a Hollister store and dreamfully inhales the scent….and it smells so good. I’ve owned a few fragrances from Hollister, all of which I’ve never been able to replace. However this one, Skyler, seems to be sticking around (for now). A beautiful blend of juicy pear, lotus flower and peach, this scent is sweet but delightfully fresh and light on the skin. It’s also doesn’t break the bank, which is a bonus as I’m dying to repurchase!

So those were my recent empties! Have you tried any of the products mentioned?


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