Three Bloggers I’m Loving Right Now


Social media has caused us girls to be influenced by bloggers in a number of ways. From trying out a new product to buying a new outfit; we look to bloggers as we know they’re real, and so is their opinion. Below are 3 bloggers I’ve recently grown to adore.

Cella Jane aka Becky Hillyard

I stumbled upon Cella Jane while perusing through my Instagram Discover page one day. It was a super cute outfit selfie and her gorgeous bedroom in the background that caught my eye, and the rest was history. What I love most about Cella Jane is the fact that Becky sometimes includes her adorable daughter in her posts, making her unique from other fashion bloggers. I mean, how cute are the matching biker jacket outfits above? If there’s a mum I would aspire to dress like, it would be her without a doubt.

Lydia Elise Millen

I’ve been girl crushing on Brit Miss Millen for about a year now, and it has become somewhat of an unhealthy obsession. My boyfriend even admits that I am forever watching her on Snapchat and checking out her Instagram page. Now that’s bad when a man notices. Another blogger I found via Instagram, I was on the hunt for a playsuit and noticed she’d snapped a selfie wearing a beautiful nude ruffle number. I never managed to get my hands on the playsuit, but instead Lydia got her number one fan. What makes her unique is her dedication to fitness; something I’ll admit I don’t take interest in (because I’m laaaaazy), but instead for her interior choices and love for all-white-everything. From her outfits to her furniture, it’s most likely white. Not to mention, she is beautiful, and both her and her boyfriend make one extremely beautiful couple. See, I’m sure you can tell I follow her life just a little too much….send HELP!


Buynowbloglater aka Laura

You’ll probably guess where I found Laura – yes, another stumbled upon via Instagram. Her feed is… everything. What I love about Laura is that she’s an average girl like you or I, with a love of shopping. Apart from the fact she’s living the dream spending life in Dubai. If there’s a girl who influences my style day to day, it’s her. She works that smart-casual look to a tee, and if I’m struggling for a work outfit I will go straight to buynowbloglater. To top it off, I like her humour, which follows through all of her platforms.

Do you follow any of the bloggers mentioned? Who are your recommendations? 


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  1. 9 May, 2016 / 1:20 am

    Definitely checked out the second one. So far, loving it! I’ve been thinking of doing a similar post b/c it’s always fun finding new blogs 🙂

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