March Favourites

img_3063I’m forever talking about my favourite products, but I haven’t actually written a monthly special in forever! There are a few things I’ve really been loving recently, therefore I’ve found this to be the perfect excuse to rave about them.

Last month I decided to take my 6 empties down to the MAC counter and swap for a nice new lipstick; I’d just ran out of Velvet Teddy, but was in the mood to try a different matte browney-nude. I decided on Taupe, and boy, was it the best choice I’d made! I haven’t stopped wearing it since. Even if it doesn’t quite go with my outfit, I’d make sure it does! A ‘muted, reddish-taupe brown’, I find it really suits my complexion, as it’s warm against my hair making me look more alive, while still being relatively subtle. I was SO gutted when I lost it on a night out a couple of weeks ago, but my lovely other half kindly replaced it for me as I was practically on the verge of a breakdown… so to say this is a favourite is an understatement!


Another makeup fave of mine this month is Benefit’s High Beam. I’ve been playing around with my collection of highlighters the past few months and I’ve managed to come back to this one. What I love about this product is its liquid format, meaning it gives off a more intense impact and has far better staying power than stick highlighters. I like to apply this across the tops of my cheek bones and along my cupid’s bow; anywhere else I find it to be too disco ball-esque. I’m rather intrigued to try the Sun Beam, as it’s golden as opposed to the pink-toned High Beam, and a more suited colour for summer. Let me know if you’ve tried it!


Next up is a perfume that is very nearly empty I’ve loved it that much. Even the sparkly bottle makes it feel special! I’ve had the YSL Black Opium Eau de Toilette for about 3 months, and it has never left my handbag. My ultimate saviour for a refreshing spritz mid-outing, this fragrance is a lighter version of the Eau de Parfum, and perfect for a day scent. With notes of blackcurrant, coffee, orange blossom and vanilla, I find Black Opium to be a little bit sensual but still fairly sweet, combining my love of florals and fruitiness with a dark twist. I recently tried the new addition to the Black Opium collection; Nuit Blanche. And of course, it smells beautiful. That may have to be on my birthday wish list!


My final fave this month is a rather unusual product from Lush; a shower jelly. If you’ve already tried and adore these, then apologies for being a little late to the party. At first instance, I couldn’t get my head round this pot of fruity goo. “Should I eat it?” I thought. But in fact, these pots of jelly have multiple uses for them, and I’ve found mine. I like to cut a little off, chuck it between the bristles of my scrubbing brush, and use it as an exfoliant to start removing my fake tan. The jelly creates quite a lather, while still adding moisture to the skin. I received Santa’s Belly for Christmas, which features fresh apple juice, bergamot oil and red wine. Yes, red wine. Extra Christmassy for March, right? Santas’ Belly smells pretty fresh, and I find the bergamot oil to be silky on the skin. It’s taken me months to use just a fraction of the pot, so I may end up freezing it beforehand for a refreshing shower experience in the summer.

So those were my March Favourites! Let me know if you’ve tried any, and enjoy your Easter weekend!



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