My City Break to Prague

Prague is such a beautiful city. It’s been on my wish list of places to visit for years, and I was so glad I got the chance to go this month.

I’ve loved roaming the Christmas Markets each year in the UK and I thought this as the ideal opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Jamie and I stayed at the lovely Hotel Unic for 4 nights, where they served a yummy breakfast to choose from each morning before a very short walk into the city centre (no I’m not sponsored, it was a very nice hotel).

We spent the majority of our stay getting the full experience of the Christmas markets in the Old Town Square, trying the Czech delicacies of Trdelnik and the homemade curly potato chips. Needless to say, we ate A LOT. But isn’t that all part of the fun? The other part being the drinking….

Although I can’t speak much for the famous Czech beer, Jamie gave it a try and wasn’t much of a fan. Very strong and dark, apparently. As for the mulled wine? In most places, pretty much just hot red wine with a slice of orange… and if you like red wine then happy days! However I’m more of a rosé kind of gal so it was a bit strong for me. I did manage to find some proper mulled wine in a café behind the Christmas tree in the Old Town Square but by then it was nearly home time (I’d become more accustomed to the hot apple cider in the meantime.)

We managed to cover some of the touristy hotspots during our stay, including the very Gothic-looking St Vitus Cathedral, the John Lennon Wall and Charles Bridge. I somehow managed to climb 287 steps up the Bell Tower without passing out, to witness the most amazing views of Prague.

On our last day I found myself with a few extra korunas left over and thought this was the perfect excuse to have a peruse in Sephora in the Palladium (the Manchester Arndale of Prague). I picked up a few bits without going overboard, as I am still yet to get my head round their currency…

Overall, the pastel coloured buildings and cobbled streets make Prague a picture-perfect place to visit (and to top it off, it’s cheap and the locals are nice; brownie points!) I couldn’t recommend it enough.

**Feel free to take a look at the pictures above up close.

Do you enjoy a city break? Let me know your recommendations below!


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