Lush The Comforter Shower Cream

If there was one bubble bar that could be made into a shower cream, Lush picked the right one here. ‘Like a cuddle in a bottle’, The Comforter makes the every day shower experience feel that little more enjoyable and luxurious.

This berrylicious, reassuring shower cream brings to mind warm, familiar memories. The blend of sweet cassis absolute, uplifting bergamot and assuring cypress essential oils create a blackcurranty aroma that’s like being wrapped in a snug hug.”

I’m absolutely gutted I’m nearing the end of this bottle. If the timing was better and Christmas wasn’t around the corner, I would be running down to Lush to grab myself a bigger replacement. Why do I love this so much? Well it’s basically Vimto in a bottle. It’s packed with so much blackcurranty fruitiness that it makes me wish it was edible or even drinkable. The consistency is a little runny so it’s pretty easy to use up but it lathers up nicely on the bod. The scent pay off is pretty satisfying too as it still lingers on the skin afterwards.

 The Comforter is a product that can be used all year round; both the shower cream and bubble bar are sweet and comforting (hence the name) although I do favour this in the summer. The fruitness is fresh and the essential oils are moisturising for when there’s plenty of skin on show on the warmer days. I’m using the last few drops of this now, and then it’s onto my festive favourites Snow Fairy or Rose Jam to take its place in my shower.

The Comforter is divine; if you love the bubble bar or you relish in blackcurranty-ness, this one is for you. Let me know if you’ve tried it!


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