Festive Lush Haul


It’s that time of year where I’m back with a Lush haul. While last year’s was solely about Halloween bath treats (see here), I wasn’t so fond of this year’s contenders, so this haul includes a mixture of Lush’s bath festivities.

First up is a favourite from last year; the Sparkly Pumpkin.

“Have a ball in the bath with this warming and cheerful bubble bar packed full of sparkle and citrus for cold, winter nights! The energising blend of juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils packs a punch. Perfect for a long, lingering soak, just make sure you get out of your bath by midnight…”

So yes, it’s a bubble bar, creating lots of foam fun for bath time. Breaking just a few pieces is enough under the warm water to create masses of bubbles in a nice sea of sparkle… Noooo, not really! The glitter disintegrates so you won’t leave the bath resembling a disco ball. The fruity scent is fresh and zingy so there’s no danger of falling asleep in the tub, but you will want to eat the pumpkin. Not recommended…

The next two treats I’m yet to try. Dragon’s Egg, a bath bomb that I believe is available all year round, is another citrusy delight that I anticipate as my stand in for last year’s Sparkler.

“Dragon’s Egg makes bathtime exciting as it fizzes and crackles and changes the colour of your water to a gorgeous citrusy gold. Its scent is reminiscent of lemon sherbet, with a hint of jasmine, leaving you feeling great and ready for a good day. Its citrus scents leave you feeling transformed and invigorated.”

I was gutted not to see my favourite limited edition bath bomb in Lush this year; a Rose Jam scented firework for your bath… What’s not to love? On the hunt for its replacement, I came across this giant speckled white egg and saw the ingredients ‘popping candy’ above it. One quick whiff and that was enough for me to purchase; the lemon sherbet scent is incredible. I’ve seen a few videos of this in action and the speckled colours look amazing in the water. I can’t wait to give it a go.

Finally, the luxurious bath melt that’s got me excited for Christmas already; Snow Angel.

“Dissolving into a flurry of snow, blanket your bath in white foam before revealing a shimmering golden glow. Rich in moisturising Fair Trade cocoa butter, with a delicate marzipan scent, and oodles of rose, benzoin and cassie absolute to treat winter skin to a softening, floral soak.”

Doesn’t that just sound heavenly? When I need a good night’s sleep, a bath melt is the perfect choice for making me calm, relaxed and ready for bed. Another sparkly treat, the angel looks super cute on my shelf; so much so I don’t want to use it! The floral scent smells soothing, but not too heavy and overpowering. I also find bath melts to be super moisturising on the skin, and as this one contains cocoa butter, fingers crossed mine will be as soft as a baby’s.

So that’s me sorted for pamper nights for the next month or so! If you have any product recommendations from Lush, even from the Christmas collection, please let me know!


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