So I Had a Little Lip Procedure…

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After enough people telling me “you don’t need them doing” and “there’s nothing wrong with what you’ve got”, no comment would change something I’ve wanted to improve ever since I became conscious of my smile in a photo.

Yes, I’ve had my lips enhanced. And no, there’s no trout pout here. What has been an insecurity of mine for years and made me so eager to change it, I’ve finally plucked up the courage (and the dough) to get it done.


It was way back when I had this photo taken in 2010 in a crowded Creamfields, that I noticed I had literally no top lip on one side when I smiled. I’ve since spent the last 4 years trying to hide my top lip altogether when I smile, until now.

One night back in August I did a little bit of research on Google to find the nearest clinic to me that offered lip fillers; I didn’t look into the price, as that wasn’t what was most important. I came across Skinviva, whose headquarters are in Manchester. I spent that night doing a lot of bedtime reading, from the procedure itself to the company’s background. Everything seemed safe and professional, but I left it a week or so to mull it over.

After telling my mum and getting her worrying out of the way, I called to book a consultation, as well as the treatment straight after. I put down a £30 deposit to secure my appointment, of which the earliest available was a month later. I found this to be a good thing, as I knew I wouldn’t be rushing into it and there would be plenty of time for me to back out.

However, I didn’t back out. I knew I wanted to do it for my own security; even my vanity.

And here are the results…


My lips swelled more the next day! Top: 1 hour after the procedure, Bottom: the next morning (and without makeup)

  • When I arrived for the appointment, my lips were loaded with numbing cream (and I mean loaded) as I waited.
  • I went in for my consultation with Dr Lucy, where we discussed fully what I wanted. Symmetry was the main focus to fill out my curled top lip, but I still had to ask for something a bit fuller and more plump! I mean c’mon, I thought I may as well use my money to the fullest.
  • We then discussed botched lip jobs, after care and whatever she could to put me off, although it wasn’t intentional! (And it didn’t work.)
  • I put down a £100 deposit so I could then pay the rest by monthly direct debit, and get another syringe to use in 6-9 months when I’m due a top up.
  • She then went in with the needle; which in my opinion, felt like nothing more than a few pin pricks. How people can say it’s painful, I have no idea! Either they’re complete wimps, or not enough numbing cream was used (as mine were so numb I felt like I had lost my lips.) What I do remember was the feeling of the Juvederm going in. In all honesty, that bit wasn’t too pleasant.
  • She used 1ml of Juvederm. The majority was in my top lip, obviously more so in the side which was thinner. After about 10-15 minutes, it was all over.

As you can see, my lips were rather sausage-like! Apparently mine didn’t swell as much as most do straight after, which I was rather happy about as I didn’t want to walk into work on Monday morning with a trout pout. About an hour after the procedure, the numbing cream had worn off completely and my lips were rather sore. Eating and drinking was very interesting that night!

As it was a Saturday, I’m glad I hid away for the evening. It wasn’t worth the risk wearing lipstick and getting my lips infected, as they are effectively an open wound. Not only that, they were still far too swollen. It’s taken a good 5 or 6 days for the swelling to go completely (and for me to get used to them), and a couple of days ago I braved wearing a bold lip for the first time since I had them done.

I did find that after a couple of days, they felt a bit lumpy where the filler was injected; this is easily solvable however, by massaging the lumps out with the tips of my fingers.

I’m now super proud of my natural, symmetrical (but fuller) smile! What do you think of the results?



  1. Yazmin
    15 October, 2014 / 7:47 pm

    I think the results are great and as long as they make you feel better about yourself then that’s all that matters. I’ve got quite full lips myself but I have to say that yours now look better than mine! One thing that I think I would want to change about myself is my nose. I hate it. I want a nose job and used to go on about it all the time in front of my mum but of course she told me I don’t need to have it done! I think that if I were to have the money I’d deffo go down that route.

    Yazmin xx

  2. sarahdxo
    19 October, 2014 / 4:29 pm

    Thank you so much it’s nice to see support rather than the usual stick that comes with this type of thing! Surgery is a big thing, but I think the cost of it would be worth it as long as it makes you happy xx

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