Just a Little Thank you… Update #4


If you’ve read my previous update you’ll know that this blog counted towards my final university project, and although it was hard work balancing out all the deadlines I had hanging over me, this was the one assignment that I could come back to and enjoy what I was doing every time.

The past few weeks have been a big adjustment; finishing uni, leaving Sheffield and moving back in with my parents, as well as lots of other personal stuff in-between. My next move is trying every effort to get a job, but all the while, I know I can find the comfort of this blog writing about what I love.

So, why am I saying thank you again? Well, the efforts towards this blog resulted in me getting a 1st! YES A 1ST! Not one of many over the three years, but something that I’m really proud of. Therefore without the people that contributed, including my lovely readers, I wouldn’t have achieved it. So if you’ve actually got this far, thank you for being a loyal blushbeauty reader!

That’s all for now…

Sarah xo


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