My first time… Waxing or Threading?

My 'current brows', after keeping them maintained

My ‘current brows’, after keeping them maintained

I know the saying.

“Eyebrows are sisters, not twins”

However I’ve never managed to get mine even remotely similar. They’ve always been a strange shape; too thin and over plucked when I was younger, then often too overfilled (faux pas on my part) after they had grown back. I’ve always believed that eyebrows are important; they frame your face. So last year I finally decided to get someone else to tackle them.


This was my first option. I’ve always liked my mum’s eyebrows; not too thin but not too bushy. So a few months ago I decided to go to her eyebrow lady in my home town and get them reshaped and tinted for just £5.


– My eyebrow lady asked me exactly what I wanted, therefore they were the perfect shape for me. Just like my mum’s eyebrows, not too thin but not too bushy, with a nice arch to them.
– It takes a while for the hairs to grow back, leaving you with nice, un-bushy brows for up to 4 weeks after (in my case, may be sooner or later for you)


– It’s a rather painful process and leaves the surrounding area of your skin a little bit red raw!
– It takes quite a while to get them perfect; with a combination of waxing and plucking, around 15 minutes.
– If you have sensitive skin like I do, you may end up with the skin around your brows still a little sore after a few days which can lead to scabbing/dry skin patches (gross!)

For some reason I don’t have any good quality photos of my waxed brows, however if you look at my posts later last year you may see a difference.


While I’m at uni I’m not at home very often so it’s hard for me to get my eyebrows waxed with my usual eyebrow lady. I wasn’t aware of anyone recommended enough plus, I was just too scared of hurting my sensitive skin therefore it lead me to another type of procedure; threading.

I walked in to my nearest Superdrug & paid just £4 after spending a pound’s worth of points on my beauty card – bargain!


– It was over in no time. I must have sat there for a maximum of 5 minutes and my brows were shaped and matched.
– It was half the pain of waxing! It had the feeling of being pinched really lightly, and my skin wasn’t too red afterwards.
– It’s a good way of eyebrow shaping for sensitive skin as it’s not a harsh procedure.


Excuse my makeup-less face!

Excuse my makeup-less face!

– The one, most important con to me; they were too thin. I do like a ‘power brow’, and after a long period of staring at myself in the mirror post-thread I decided they weren’t the right shape for me. I don’t know if this is because the lady didn’t ask me what I wanted, or if all threading techniques give you thin brows?

– Another minor con is the length of time for my hairs to grow back; and that was fairly quickly, after 10 days or so.

The hairs had grown back after about 10 days

The hairs had grown back after about 10 days

So which way is better? It’s a tough one; neither procedure is perfect. Threading would win hands down if I wasn’t so bothered about the shape! However I don’t currently enjoy spending a good 5-10 minutes trying to thicken them up with a brow pencil. After time I’ve grown to like the shape of them, but to be honest I’d rather go for a painful wax and keep my skin moisturised to help it heal.

So it when it comes down to it, waxing is the winner.

What are your experiences with these treatments? Any tips?


  1. 20 February, 2014 / 11:55 pm

    I’ve done both also. When I got my brows threaded they weren’t too thin cause I told her ahead of time I like my brows a little thick too. And I like how fast the process is. But like you said the hair does grow back sooner than waxing. I’m part Lebanese so mine may grow back faster than most but that part does suck. Waxing is nice cause the hair stays gone longer but It’s more of a process. So really what it comes down to for me is which one I have time for on that day. Lol But what I would tell you since you have sensitive skin go back to the threading and express to them your thoughts and exactly how you want them shaped. I would even bring in a pic of your brows after you got them waxed exactly how you wanted them and let them go off of that.

    • sarahdxo
      21 February, 2014 / 12:11 am

      I’m glad not all threading gives you thin brows! Thank you, this will definitely make me consider having it done again, just maybe somewhere else! x

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