My Top 5 Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

If you didn’t know, I like reading blogs as much as I like writing my own, as it’s where I get my inspiration from. Here are just a few of my favourite blogs that I love for a bit of bedtime reading (in no particular order).


hello october1. Hello October

“Hello October started out as a productive outlet for the copious amounts of shopping I got involved in after getting my first full time job. I’m happy to say that after almost three years, although the jobs have changed, not much else has…”

I came across Suzie’s blog just over a year ago and she’s kept me reading ever since. I love her neutral makeup looks and her skin always looks perfect, so I pay good attention to what she likes to use. She has also been featured in a magazine I pick up every month; the ‘blogger’ influenced Company, which makes me like her just that little bit more.

dizzy brunette

2. Dizzy Brunette

“Dizzybrunette is something I set up in my spare time, whilst trying to fight the urge to afternoon nap, when at university. That was back in October 2010, and a few years later, I still enjoy creating, beauty, fashion and lifestyle content for my little space on the internet. Dizzybrunette also won Highly Commended Established Beauty Blog in the 2013 Cosmo Blog Awards.”

Corrie is a girly girl with a pretty in pink beauty blog and the world’s most perfect hair. We share a love of peach lipsticks and Millie Mackintosh, plus she’s recently got the cutest labradoodle puppy. She doesn’t post as often recently but I still love to have a read when she does.


3. Llymlrs & Etc Llymlrs

Lily Melrose has two blogs that I love – fashion based LLYMLRS and beauty based ETC LLYMLRS. I always read Lily’s fashion blog as we share a similar day-to-day style; she’s just a bit braver and edgier when it comes to her wardrobe. As for her beauty blog, she’s as experimental as I am when it comes to lipsticks, and loves her hair big and a little bit unkempt. Lily has been really successful with her blog, with LLYMLRS having nearly 19,000 followers, so I know I’m one of many who love her. &


4. Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna’s blog was what inspired me to start taking more care of my skin. She comes across as though she really knows what she’s talking about so I’ve felt I can trust her opinion, but she keeps everything fun and witty without bogging you down on any of the serious stuff.

beauty crush

5. Beauty Crush

Beauty Crush was one of the first blogs I started following, as Sammi started out with mainly beauty related posts. However she’s more of a fashion blogger these days and I absolutely love her style. She always looks so effortlessly trendy and she knows what suits her shape. The layout of her blog also looks clean and easy on the eye, so I love a good scroll every now and again.


Do you read any of the blogs I’ve mentioned?


  1. 13 December, 2013 / 4:09 pm

    yes i love Beauty Crush,Viviana Does Make Up and Lilly Melrose too!they do great youtube videos too!Im now following your blog girlie:)x

    • sarahdxo
      13 December, 2013 / 5:00 pm

      Aw thank you! I’m following you back 🙂 xx

  2. 22 December, 2013 / 7:25 pm

    Reblogged this on Ekenile and commented:
    I really love reading fashion and make-up blogs, most of all I like the one from HelloOctober.

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