I’ve been away… #2

So I’ve been absent in the blogging world for a while once again, and it’s down to quite a few things! Shortly after my last post, I had an exam, which meant plenty of boring revision, then I went on holiday to Ibiza! Now I’m back I’ve got a post-holiday cold so all of my time being ill has given me an urge to get back to posting.

Now that my blog has been handed in to be assessed, I’m going to start posting about all things that I’m interested in, and won’t solely focus on beauty. It doesn’t mean there will be less beauty posts, as I’ll have the same amount. But there will be lots more things going on and I’m hoping to post more often than weekly!

I wanted to share something that was one of the highlights of my holiday, and that was the body paint my friends and I got done for Zoo Project. It looked amazing, and it’s something I’d definitely recommend. We went to Kiss My Fairy, that specialise in fancy dress and body paint for special events like Zoo. We all went for different styles and colours, and they turned out really well. If you weren’t wanting to pay for this look, it can easily be DIY’d. All you need is coloured spray for your hair, face paint, glitter and some body adhesive to help it stick. To stop it from smudging, using hairspray once it’s finished keeps it in place.

Courtesy of essentialibiza.com

Me, Katie, Alex & my sister Becky

Thanks for reading, & please keep checking for posts as I’ve got plenty of ideas coming up! 🙂

Sarah xo


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